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River Street Anthology Headphones Enamel Pin

River Street Anthology Headphones Enamel Pin

From their website
"The River Street Anthology is creating a map in real time of the Michigan musical landscape. The RSA has traveled thousands of miles, recording over 300 Michigan musicians via digital tape, film, photograph and fine art. The project seeks to collect, preserve, and make accessible music covering the gamut of genres, cultures, ages, and genders of Michigan music. Our mission is to preserve for future generations the opportunity to examine their own roots, as well as build understanding of the experience of their neighbors. Through the documentation of the artists in their respective geographies and societal context, the RSA hopes to provide culturally inclusive opportunities for research and reflection."

100% of profits from these pins go to supporting the RSA, which relies entirely on the efforts of a crack team of dedicated volunteers. Help support this extremely worthy project, and check out the link above for more information and to keep up to date on their live events!

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