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Unicursal Hexagram Enamel Pin

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Depending on who you ask, the Unicursal Hexagram- sometimes called the Star of Solomon or Aquarian Star - is a symbol of the macrocosm, the planets, alchemical principles, "as above, so below", the sun and moon and 4 elements, power, love, confidence, balance, fate, the feminine, magic, a union of opposites... we could go on. It's associated with the Golden Dawn, Thelema, aaaaand the tv show Supernatural. Suffice to say, a complicated piece of linework! But whatever it means to you... you can now rep it in cute little pin form!

(Unicursal means it can be drawn without lifting your pen from the page, just like the five-pointed star we're all familiar with. Neat eh?) 

.75" hard enamel pin with rubber backing, gold outline, and a smooth, shiny finish.

(This pin has a "Bombasine" back stamp, as it was originally made under a different name.)


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